The Home Office Advantage

April 21, 2020
Home Office
Over 50% of homeowners surveyed currently have a home office.

As more people shift to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate professionals predict that a home office will become a hot amenity for the long term. Fifty-five percent of homeowners and practitioners recently surveyed by remodeling website Houzz say they have a home office. A quarter of respondents say they work from their dining room or kitchen table, and 11% work from their sofa.

Respondents report that the top challenges of a sudden shift to working from home include finding a private or quiet location away from high-traffic living areas (30%), securing a computer with a strong Wi-Fi connection (25%), and creating a comfortable workspace (25%). Houzz U.S. editor Anne Colby offers tips for setting up an efficient workspace at home, including: picking the right location, paying attention to the lighting and making it ergonomic, efficient, and comfortable.

Source: Houzz