Senate Approves New HUD Deputy Secretary

June 16, 2020
HUD logo
Previously, Brian Montgomery was the head of FHA, while also performing additional HUD Deputy Secretary duties.

It seemed like it took forever—and in political terms, seven months feels like forever—but Brian Montgomery is finally, officially, HUD Deputy Secretary. The Senate approved Montgomery’s nomination by unanimous consent. The Senate also began consideration of Dana Wade’s nomination as FHA Commissioner. Montgomery now assumes the number-two slot at HUD, responsible for day-to-day operations of the agency and will advise and assist Secretary Ben Carson in leading the Department’s nearly 8,000 employees. “Brian has done an exemplary job both leading FHA and performing the additional duties of the Deputy Secretary since January 2019,” Carson said in a statement. “During this unprecedented pandemic, he has been by my side every step of the way as we have implemented policies to protect Americans across the country. As the head of FHA, Brian has helped HUD relieve the burden on renters and homeowners experiencing financial hardship, and to ensure no one loses their home as a result of this national health and economic emergency. The IT modernization effort underway at FHA under his stewardship has been central to our ability to continue to serve as a source of strength to the housing market. I am thrilled that the Senate agrees that he will be an excellent Deputy Secretary.”

Source: DS News